At the end of each training session, the learner will be subject to assessments and will be issued a certificate of end of the qualifying internship under the CPF “Professional Training Account” for learners in France.

  • Our tailor-made training courses are intended for managers of companies or administrations in emerging countries working in the energy and natural resources sector (lawyers, economists, engineers, financiers, etc.) who are involved in the implementation and development of projects, with a view to raising their awareness of the legal and transactional aspects of these projects in emerging countries, particularly in Africa and the Middle East.
  • Based on the experience of the company or the administration, the training will be enriched by practical case studies drawn from similar projects carried out with the assistance of major international law firms, and it will provide them with the tools essential to the legal and fiscal structuring of projects, as well as to the negotiation of the main terms of the agreements to be concluded by the company in its particular field.


  • Training at RHR Law’ premises or at the company or administration.


  • Based on the request of the company or administration according to their needs.


  • Trainees belong to the same company or administration and are chosen according to their position and experience.


  • Includes case study workshops with presentation of model clauses from practice and, where appropriate, models from the company or administration.


  • Training in English or French, as chosen by the company or administration.

Chronology of the process


Interviews with the person responsible for training in the company or administration


Identification of needs and topics


Review of the company/administration’s contract models on an anonymous and confidential basis (if applicable)


Design of the tailor-made training course


Delivery of the training according to the schedule chosen by the company or administration


Test and issuance of Certificate of Completion

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